As If For Real

Strip down. Show off your scars unabashed, as if for real.
Pencil in at any skin not yet suitably slashed, as if for real.

On one hand, a messenger came to heal, to birth new life.
On another, a favorite, bearded and mustached, as if for real.

True friends aren’t friend enough to stand up for, are they.
Like words said, they’re collected to be trashed, as if for real.

Therapy—there’s no better deal for paying to get it done right.
Buy new catchwords for what you’ve smashed, as if for real.

The trick is, always make sure and find someone else to blame.
Try her who’s too close when blood gets splashed, as if for real.

Self-abuse works best if you keep after it to make it hurt right.
And look sincere when your stories get rehashed, as if for real.

Read between your lies.  If you dare keep up with them all.
One man did die.  Yours, where off’s he dashed, as if for real?

Moonlight’s never at fault for leaving us in the dark, is it.
No sky of hers gets left not perpetually gashed, as if for real.



by all of us in collaboration,
based on a stem left for us by sara


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