A Night to Be Remembered

Overcast ceilings
over Jupiter’s pause stretch —
muzzled in no hand.
    Sleep well, my love. Whispered dreams
    extend your new horizons.

Muscular gestures
reach into Karkinos’ claws —
distracted songs fade.
    Sleep well, my love. Look inside
    where I wait to soothe your rest.

Sampo recovered
can’t be stolen, can’t go lost —
crashing waves lie still.
    Sleep well, my love. Our circle
    carries us through this darkness.

Orion beckons
behind the moon’s slender back —
downwind scent of blood.
    Sleep well, my love. Breathe deeply
    our love’s enduring presence.

Piercing blue starlight
turns the eye of Lif’s soul mate —
far lullabies hush.
    Sleep well, my love. Winter’s ice
    will thaw to your blessing’s breath.

Virgo moon goes void
holding a past detriment —
crisp air draws sharp lines.
    Sleep well, my love. It’s your turn
    to let your own come back home.

Cancer on Cancer
but ascendant is Capricorn —
no cross comes for accident.
    Sleep well, my love. No ill will
    works at your goddess’ hand.

Geminids pierce through
late autumn’s thick frozen crusts —
bring in Yule dancing.
    Sleep well, love. Together lie,
    together wake to morrow.



by sara and maggie,
with our others to be coming in turn


background notes — heptahedral



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