Denied As Undenied

Turned out by your priestess as unworthy of her grace,
your sacrifice scorned as unacceptable, your holy rites
abandoned in favor of false affections, your equal part
in the three castings that made you one, once so revered,
then only to so casually be reviled, unloved, unsought,
unknown except by strangers who had heard crude lies,
of your word speaking ill against our most ancient law,
so severely refused as to have the name of one’s firstborn
denied your tongue’s soft touch for whose honor’s sake
the child’s head was raised, as if so foul such hypocrisy
might be hid from her to whom we owe life’s very breath;
could your faith go unnoticed by she who all things sees
merely because its courage stands slighted at every turn?

Yet as day’s last light nests like ravens into eastern trees,
our white hare rises boldly into dark rich with magic dream
to kiss you with our lady’s open mouth, the elixir of love
passing from her lips to yours, truly never to quit her own.


Sheila with Maggie,
based on notes and drafts left by Sara


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