As In Yours

                           I must have been sitting on this one leg all wrong
                           while up late thinking of nothing way too long,
                           until the damn thing, it’s cramped, numb, stiff.
                           I’ve not got your history, but I walk around as if.
                           And life’s gone so fast that I couldn’t jump off,
                           plus I picked up a rash and an odor and a cough
                           that won’t do as they’re told when I tell them go.
                           I’ve not got your legacy, but I act up as though.
                           We’ve a generator for the next storm blowing through,
                           like insurance against losing a friend good as you
                           said you wanted to be always — mine, hers and his.
                           I’ve not got your morality, but I make do as is.


sara, completed by maggie and david


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