No Two

So no, no two lovers are the same.
There are those you call by name
and the one you find you can leave
behind as quickly as she came.

Try and keep your lover nice and wet.
Flash flooding’s not the greater threat
so much as that taste in her mouth
she wants you to help her forget.

Love’s an awful lot like a loaded gun
in that as long as you’ve had it
aimed straight at your loved one
you need not have meant what got done.

May as well get what’s coming to you now,
won’t make too much a difference
who or where or why or how.
Besides, what kindness wouldn’t you allow?

The best poetry’s the poem left unread.
It shows up for that moment in your head
then like the word you really wished would stay
for the night goes running off unsaid.

Hurt each other your very worst.
You won’t have been each other’s first
so may as well set her expectation
as you come into it well-versed.

So it is that with no two can you get along.
There are those who will come on strong
and the one you know her cold
enough to get it all wrong.


by michael and dean


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