Make Believe

Hold me a little bit longer. Hold me until we make believe
we can hold on until it lets us go then still we make believe.

Your dad died prematurely? Hey, mine got born likewise so.
Each by ours taught this same one skill: we make believe.

We owe nothing for what gets freely given, no credit check
required. Even after we see the final bill, we make believe.

We’ll never have reason to wander so far north ever again,
won’t we? Such is life. We know the drill: we make believe.

We’re stranded sixteen dollars to our name. It’ll have to do.
When we’re down to feeding ourselves nil, we make believe.

It’s how things like our love find their second wind, isn’t it?
Once we can’t quit what we mean to kill, we make believe.

Some think us liars. Some mock us as fools. Belief in what
we believe in’s stupid. Yet damn all the ill, we make believe.

One of us may sound strangely quiet, but that’s temporary.
This’ll not be our last word. What next will we make believe?


based on notes left by sara


background notes — heptahedral


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