Stranger Still

                                                                        ”[I was] engaged to an auditor.
                                                                        She left me for an actuary.”
                                                                               —Harold Crick, Stranger than Fiction
Wouldn’t happen! The obvious simple fact
is some things don’t, not even in the abstract.

Hasn’t ever happened! No heart broke
so tragically. The mere idea’s a joke.

No one is so unbelievably low
as to suffer luck so bad as to lose it so.

Even fiction never gets so strange
as to indulge in so absurd a change.

A metaphor, perhaps? As though it proved
reality’s mad once rational thought’s removed?

One may as well go chasing a unicorn
and die trying in hopes true love might be reborn.

Whoever’d dare commit so dire a sin
would never dare to face her friends again.

All of which flies miles over the average head
clueless to the fancy in so assumed a bed.

That’s why they call such nonsense made-up, sir.
Not once in a million years would it occur!


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