Want of a Good Word

              “What man is there who desires life
                     and loves many days,
                     that he may see good?
              Keep your tongue from evil
              and your lips from speaking deceit.”
                     — Psalm 34:12,13

For want of a good word, my baby cried
as if unwanted, left unnamed. We lied
about her mother, called that bitch a whore
unfit not just that once, but any more.
Her children, friends and lovers — all denied.

Some words are cons. They change. Whose side
you’re on makes them alright. The bona fide
is out there waiting, waiting, waiting. What for?
                            For want of a good word.

There’s some alternative as yet untried?
Malicious speech for those whom we decide
deserve our spite, pretending to adore
some other one? No. There’s no either/or —
as said, our final chance at life’s love died
                            for want of a good word.


by maggie


background notes — heptahedral


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