You are what you settle for.
                                                             —Janis Joplin

           What you settle for’s nothing shy bizarre
           against what could take you beyond far
           outlasting any promise or threat you can
           dream all the way through. Your also-ran
           can’t reach up to your abandoned star.
           Think it’s random? Set what you’ll call par
           and your best’ll always carry the deep scar
           of your worst, never any better or more than
                                                      what you settle for.
           Excuses and blame choke the heart’s memoir
           with bitter regrets over that unsaid au revoir.
           Your secret unknown’s same as for any man
           or woman—Waste the life you yourself began
           on whatever else happens along, and you are
                                                      what you settle for.



by sheila with sara and maggie


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