Go See the Mom

If you think you and I aren’t enough to settle our fight, go see the Mom.
She won’t side with you, but we never know. She might. Go see the Mom.

Nothing is truly ever necessary, but only some things get to be prudent
long enough to matter. To remind yourself what’s right go see the Mom.

What a pity! Then again, nobody gets to have their own way all the time
except you, is it? Not. Want that in black and white? Go see the Mom.

Just because there’s nothing in it for me doesn’t mean it’s all about you.
Take a friendly word of advice even if you think it trite: go see the Mom.

Do you even have straight whose side you’re supposed to be taking here?
If you don’t feel up to handling something that recondite go see the Mom.

If you sincerely desire to be free of all bitterness, malice, cruelty, ill will,
contempt, enmity, resentment, hostility, hatred and spite, go see the Mom.

After all, we’re all of us one big happy family, are we not? If we lose that
we lose everything. Nobody wins. Come let’s reunite: let’s go see the Mom.



by all of us


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