When You Die Again

May I please be who’s one by your side when you die again?
We all could be there with you reunified when you die again.

Recovery from your first dozen times has been slow
so far. Maybe you’ll hit your stride when you die again.

Your reliance on string theory to reconcile mathematics
with poetry, yes! It comes all untied when you die again.

Watch out for it from every which way life will allow you.
Wouldn’t want your vision undiversified when you die again.

Dress designed to reveal can also be used to conceal
but’ll find nothing to show nor hide when you die again.

Some don’t know a flat line when they see the real thing
so mightn’t believe you’ve died even when you die again.

I’m a connoisseur and a collector of unusually unique holes.
Yours’ll be infinitely deep, far and wide when you die again.

We’ve been here for you from thickest to your most thin.
Come on, take us along the whole ride when you die again.

Anyone outside Facebook friends you want getting the news?
Let’s leave no significant other unnotified when you die again.

Of the countless storm of dreams your faith held trust in
will any one of them get satisfied when you die again?

Rumors of what all you were good or bad for abound.
No doubt that’ll finally subside when you die again.

I recall you steering by your reflection in the glass.
We won’t find your mirrors to’ve lied when you die again.

Still cutting there? I understand. Both the impulse to
and blood drawn from will be dried when you die again.

Your zen moment’s arrived. Check your e-mail inbox.
It’ll absorb all other moments tried when you die again.

Any and all ill returns three-fold ill, even if but thought.
More so’ll your kindness be multiplied when you die again.

Who’d dare call the moon his? Who’d control its light?
We’ll find out on the morning tide when you die again.

Angels have been up all night practicing their CPR.
They’ll all be smiling sleepy-eyed when you die again.

If it’s been worth doing, you’re right to do it right.
No regrets. Go on out with pride when you die again.

Voices of that train passing full speed through’ll
slip silently into your landslide when you die again.

Just as each one equals two, so each two’ll make one.
Your son will be ours as prophesied when you die again.

Nothing near about your experience. Call it through.
Call it instant. Call it bona fide when you die again.

Until “death do us part,” was that how that vow went?
Who’s in line to be your next bride when you die again?

Let’s make it a new habit to remind you when you go out
for to have our destinations coincide when you die again.

Your choice is made so clear, so pure, so meant. Being
no accident won’t make it suicide when you die again.

The ancient wolf has your ear, the nighthawk your eye.
The one will hunt, the other glide when you die again.

Thanks for helping our sister not go through it alone.
That same light’ll be your own guide when you die again.

As you wish, all your own keep on celebrating your life
and love. Not a one of us’ll’ve cried when you die again.



by maggie and cyn with dean and denise


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