You in London

This will be our last.
It’ll have to do.
We have to try our best past
being through.
I’ll pass through coming east.
You come through passing west.
That way others of us at least
will have had us at our best.
So our last this will be,
our very last this will be
and soon after we’ll see
              you in London.

I wasn’t to leave.
I was to have completed the song.
But you let your love deceive
you into thinking me wrong.
And I sang I’d not stay
and I sang you’d know why
when your love’s lies betray
and believe love’s very own lie.
So leave it that complete
and we’ll save you your seat
for soon when we meet
              you in London.

It’s word of the closing.
It’s word under our breath.
It’s word all done losing.
It’s word wishing our death.
It’s word of a stranger.
It’s word left unheard.
It’s word that won’t change for
its word’s closing word.
So it’s done. Let’s concede
it’s done as was agreed
none too soon. Now we need
              you in London.



cynthia with maggie and sara
for the others
with thanks to alias for the tickets

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