Don’t Let Go

My symptoms? Nothing I care to explain
beyond the usual ringing in my ear
along with pressure building in my brain,
a random doubt, an unexpected fear.
Hold me, love. Keep me here.
Don’t worry. This is something we’ll get through
like everything I’ve dragged you off into.

Don’t ask my doctors. What they say’s untrue
and anything they say half true’s profane
and what’s remotely clean’s hullabaloo
and therapy they order’s inhumane.
Hold me, love. Keep me sane.
I’m serious. I know my time is near
but hey, they’re giving me at least a year.

What should I leave you? Want a souvenir
reminding you of me? Would snapshots do
or do you want me singing loud and clear
recorded? Ashes of the girl you knew?
Hold me, love. Keep me with you.
Tonight let’s dream where you and I have lain
together, past this momentary pain.


by sara


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