Last Times

This will have been your last beets,
tangy yellow beets you pickled yourself
that day after your shopping excursion
to our farmers market one last time.
Oh sure, we do still have plenty of time
to find a good farmers market on the road
and to revisit your favorite pickling recipes
and to serve us up some beets again.
Plenty of time. No hurry. We’ll not say no,
but this will have been your last beets.
This is how you wanted your last times,
doing what you want all the way out
instead of replacing your pickled beets
with someone else’s jar off the shelf
and looking back wistfully after years
of settling for the best you could get,
barely remembering how long it had been
since the last time you’d had it right.
If this will have been your last beets,
at least your special zing will be fresh
when you’ve run out of all your last times.




background notes — heptahedral

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