Back to Ourselves

                                             Perhaps Love is the process
                                             of my leading you gently
                                             back to yourself.
                                                       — Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Too bad we got around to this too late
to hope to see it through. Which doesn’t mean
we’ll quit. We don’t. This nuisance unforeseen
adversity’s just brought us closer. Wait
around, we’ll see what trouble we create
with what we have. The energy between
us all’s intense, as though we’re some machine
that’s brought itself to life. For real? Damn straight!

So life it is, as long as life will last
for each of us, out to the last to go,
and so too light, as far as light is cast
in each of us, out distant as we know,
and love it will be, true as love holds fast
back to ourselves, beyond and even though.


by Maggie


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