Seven to One

Let this stay meant. Don’t send it back. Its dream
believes in us. Remember why our word
was heard before we said it. Don’t lose our peace
to doubt. Its dream works well together. Change
us. Recreate our new moon. Bone and blood
inspire our faith. Give us another chance
to reach in through. Its dream keeps us in hand.

One tongue, one eye, one ear, one nose, one hand —
together we embrace one lucid dream.
Our finding our way here’s not random chance.
We know the point of it. We know the word
for it. We know the words that do not change
to fit why they get said. One breath, one blood,
one vision – out of seven wars, one peace.

Without the truth, could we expect real peace
that outlasts any disarray at hand?
We’d fool ourselves. The truth runs in our blood.
Don’t misread ours as someone else’s dream.
No matter what comes next, we give our word.
Though all things fade and pass, our words won’t change,
won’t cater to brief circumstance or chance.

Here each comes home. Here each voice has a chance,
is listened to, not told to hold its peace,
distorted by false meaning, forced to change
to satisfy some audience, to hand
it over to some fabricated dream.
we know. We are not guessing at our word.
Its truth’s as real as written down in blood.

Come Dean, for us to sacrifice your blood.
Come Cynthia, for us risking your chance.
Come Sara, for us to restore your word.
Come David, for us proffering your peace.
Denise, come energize for us your hand.
To one come all, for us to join in dream
with Maggie, light and life and love to change.

As we emerge, we might come back to change
the way we’ve said so here, give it fresh blood
to taste, extend the image of its dream
out further, give its past a second chance
to take another pass at it, to make our peace
with what we can’t resolve, to try our hand
at making it. That still won’t change our word.

To anyone who listens to our word,
we welcome you. Just don’t attempt to change
what’s here to jibberish in some other hand
that isn’t ours. Once cut, it’s our own blood
we bleed, not yours. We’ve not left that to chance.
Please leave what you don’t wish to hear in peace
and don’t disturb the promise of our dream.

       There’s no last word. Make up one? Not a chance!
       Our blood will keep the peace. Our word won’t change.
       We’re hand in hand. The word will keep our dream.


written collaboratively
by all Heptahedron authors
[backdated to time of first posting in our private collection]


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